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Pentecost, May 27, 2012

Lá na Cincíse, 27ú lá Mí na Bealtaine 2012

This past Sunday was Pentecost. At St. Mary’s, as I have seen elsewhere, a tradition is to read one one of the lessons in multiple languages. I volunteered to read in Irish. We read the Gospel, after our Deacon introduced it. The Irish translation is from An Bíobla Naofa.
Léigh tuilleadh

Christmas Tree

Normal room lighting, using flash No flash, room lights out, lit only by Christmas tree lights.

We got the tree from Hansen Tree Farm, driving up there and cutting it down ourselves on Sunday, December 19. We had to trudge through 17″ of snow, deep and crisp and even, but it was a fun outing.

<LiturgyGeekMode>Christmas does not begin until the evening of December 24. December 19 is during Advent.</LiturgyGeekMode>

That evening we saw this episode of Mythbusters. We laughed through all the “remedies” for keeping your Christmas tree from losing needles. From past experience with fresh cut trees we knew we would not have that problem. In fact the tree is doing very well and we do not expect any problems before we take it down on January 8 or 9 (the weekend after 12th Night/Epiphany).

Plan B

At this minute clergy and worship committees at liturgical churches in this area (Twin Cities, Minnesota) are rearranging their plans for the morning: Snow is falling. I doubt there will be many outdoor Palm Sunday processions today.

Some churches may try to move their processions completely inside. How well this will work depends on the individual church. When liturgy argues with architecture, architecture always wins.