Belated Easter notes

(But still within the Octave)

Since mia_mcdavid and I gone to an Easter Vigil we did not feel any need to go to Church on Easter morning. In fact, after a vigil the usual Episcopal Easter morning service, however grand, is something of a letdown. So after getting up we spent the morning preparing for our Easter dinner:

  • Roast lamb (cooked but not overcooked on the Weber) prepped with mustard and garlic
  • Whipped potatoes, with onions and garlic
  • asparagus, with garlic butter
  • Tzatziki

I used some wood shavings and sawdust from my shop as kindling for the Weber. Also a couple rags that had been used to apply oil-based finishes. Lit the fire with one match (We never use lighter fluid).

As at Thanksgiving and Easter, we brought our younger son Tom over from his group home. He is severely autistic and with his behavioral problems he can no longer live with us, but we always include him at the major feasts.

Having Tom in the house for a meal means keeping him entertained until the food is on table. He is curious and wants to go into the kitchen to see what is going on, and get a snack while he is waiting. One of us has to be on guard to watch him while the other is working on the dinner.

Except this time, there were two somebodies to work in the kitchen. Our foster daughter, carpe_noctum_93, assisted mia_mcdavid with the food while I kept Tom amused and out of trouble. Knowing that Mia had help made it easier for me to mind Tom. He kept me on my feet and moving, but I figured it all counted for steps recorded on my pedometer.

Dinner was delicious. Tom was much more relaxed afterwards. With the amount of food he ate he probably could not have moved very fast. One of the best holidays in a long time.

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