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More about the new(er) ThinkPad

The 256GB drive on Another ThinkPad seemed a little small, so I replaced with 1 TB SSD. As in previous moves, I used Macrium under Windows to copy the contents of the existing drive to the new one, then rebooted into Linux and used gparted to add a new NTFS partition and a new ext4 partition on the larger drive. Following Lenovo ThinkPad X240 – Hard Disk Drive Replacement I physically removed the old SSD and installed the new one. Afterwards I rebooted into Windows and the new NTFS partition showed up as the D drive as planned.

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Rang Gaeilge, 25ú lá mí Aibreáin 2023

Duinnín in Áth na Lachan (tuilleadh)

Dineen in Duckford (continued)
  • Ní fhéadfadh Fayler an choir a shéanadh mar bhí eagla air [d.l. 179]
    ina chroí istigh gur mharaigh Mary Bella Prunty,’ arsa an Duinnineach le Bill. ‘Ar an ábhar céanna, níorbh fhéidir leis aon cheist a chur ina taobh ar eagla go ndíreodh sé aird uirthi.’

    ‘Nil inti ach gearrchaile,’ arsa Bill agus uafás air.

    ‘Cailin beag láidir, ionraic, macánta,’ arsa an Duinnineach. ‘Ba chóir go mbeadh náire ar a hathair gur shamhlaigh sé dúnmharú léi.’

    ‘Fayley could not deny the crime because he feared in his heart that Mary had killed Bella Prunty,’ Dineen said to Bill. ‘On the same subject, he could not ask her any questions for fear of directing attention to her.’

    ‘She is only a young girl,’ said Bill in horror.

    ‘A strong, honest, little girl,’ said Dineen. ‘Her father should be ashamed that he dreamed of her committing murder.’

    gearrchaile young girl, lass m
    ionraic Upright, honest
    macánta Childlike; gentle, meek, mild; honest

    Léigh tuilleadh

Reinstalling Windows

I have an old (2011) Lenovo ThinkPad which I used for various tests that I have documented in these pages. At some point the Windows installation on it got corrupted. I tried reinstalling Windows from the recovery drive that I had created, but that failed. So I tried again with a USB drive that I had created using the Windows Media creation tool. I think I had created this on another system, but it worked just fine after I put in old Windows activation code for the system. It took a while to download all the Windows updates it needed, but I expected that.
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