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From the chutzpah file

Student isn’t the only one mad at Twin Cities term-paper company.

The college senior in Colorado felt cheated when for $23 per page she ordered a custom-written term paper from a Twin Cities company and it wasn’t delivered on time.

Never mind that she was cheating by passing off a paper written by a stranger as her own. She complained to the Better Business Bureau about, owned by Jordan Kavoosi of Farmington.

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Monday Night Irish Class, March 28, 2011

Irish Class, March 28, 2011

Rang Gaeilge, 28ú lá Mí na Márta 2011


Fadas: áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ


Will passed around a copy of Cén Sórt é?:

A compendium of the varied and vast words in the Irish language to describe different kinds of people. The work was assembled using a wide range of authoritive sources and contains cross-references to these sources. It will be both a source of reference and pleasure for users of the language.

At a glance, most of the “words … to describe different kinds of people” seem to be negative. Looks like fun,
and well worth a few Euros.

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