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Vegans are bugged by Starbucks

Waiter? There’s an insect in my Frappuccino

The alternative to using cochineal is mostly Red 40, which is made from coal tar. No, seriously. It’s made from coal tar. Or it used to be; looks like it’s mostly made from petroleum these days. So, you can see why Starbucks might be looking for an alternative to an artificial dye.

Also see Cochineal: it’s a bug AND a feature!

Einstein Was a Good Student

New Online Archive Suggests

The site’s gallery offers viewers a peak at Einstein’s high school certification, which he received upon finishing high school at 16 in 1896. It turns out Einstein was an excellent student, not a terrible one, as often said. However, according to the archives, he left because he couldn’t handle the strict discipline and authority.

From the Einstein Archives Onle.