Brief Bio

I was born in 1951. My parents were Raven and Virginia McDavid. I attended the Univerity of Chicago Laboratory Schools, graduating from their High School in 1968. Following that I went to Carleton College, where I majored in physics and graduated in 1972. I went to Stanford for graduate school, earning an M.S. in Applied Physics in 1974 and another M.S. in Statistics in 1976.

I was disenchanted with graduate school at that point. I abandoned it and moved to back to Chicago, where I began a 41 year career in Information Technology which ended with my retirement in 2018.

Within days after returning to Chicago in 1976 I met Mia Fagerstrom. We were married in July 1978. Our sons are adults now, and they all have disabilities. Our second son is severely autistic and essentially nonverbal. To get a better life for him we left Chicagoland in 1998 and moved to Minnesota, where we live in a suburb of the Twin Cities. Having such children has forced us to remain in the role of parents long after many of our peers have become grandparents. This has been very painful. I do not write much about our parenting here, because of that pain and to protect the privacy of our now adult children.

Mia and I are Episcopalians. We are members of St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. When we lived in Chicagoland we were members of St. Luke’s in Evanston. We still visit it from time to time.

We have both been science fiction and fantasy fans for as long as we can remember. I attended my first SF conventions in 1969.

You can also find me on Facebook and on Mastodon.