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The Glorification of Noise

Somehow it has entered popular culture that people (normal adults, not undergoing torture or otherwise in pain) should want to
scream as loud they can, and indeed should pay for the opportunity to do in a crowd. See these images from the downtown Minneapolis Skyway:

I find the idea of being in such environments to be absolutely terrifying. Every time I see one of these posters I get this urge to run off to a library, or maybe a monastery.

This seems to be part of a trend. Recall this story, which I linked to last summer (h/t jeff_duntemann).

I was going to add some dark musings about what this means for communication, society, and humanity, but I will leave these as exercises for the reader.

Another traditional craft is fading away

Good news, straphangers! Pickpockets seem to going way of dinosaur

The way things are going, subway pickpockets will soon be lifting more Viagra pills and bifocals than wallets and iPods.

Nearly all career pickpockets known to prey on riders in Manhattan’s teeming subways are in their 40s and 50s, transit detectives say.

“You don’t find young picks anymore,” NYPD Transit Bureau Detective Nelson Dones said. “It’s going to die out.”

Young guys now just want to deal drugs, old-timer pickpockets have griped to police.

Via Ann Althouse.