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Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and the long road to the iPad

The iPad is Steve Jobs’ final victory over the company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak

Jobs believes in perfection, not muddling through. He would seem as much at home in Victorian England as behind the counter of a sushi bar: a man who believes in a single best way of performing any task and presenting the results. As one might expect, his ideas embody an aesthetic philosophy as much as a sense of functionality, which is why Apple’s products look so good while working so well. But those ideas have also long been at odds with the principles of the early computing industry, of the Apple II, and of the Internet. The ideology of the perfect machine and open computing are contradictory. They cannot coexist.

This a follow-up to The other side of the iPad, where a friend commented: “Microsoft is big and doesn’t play well with others but at least it plays. Apple has somehow gotten everyone else blocked out. “

For Steampunk fans

Introducing the Make: Talk radio show

For this first show, Friday March 6, 2009, they’ll be discussing Volume 17, the Lost Knowledge issue, of MAKE. I will be the guest, along with Jake von Slatt, the cover gentleman for the issue and creator of the wonderful Wimshurst project featured in 17. We’ll be talking about steampunk, and other lost, retro, antique technologies, and whatever else springs to mind.

A wheelchair that commands respect

Flame-Throwing Wheelchair Makes Me Want to Break a Leg

“A perfect opportunity for disabled people of the world to get even-Steven with all those punks who always park in the wrong spots.”


Firebreathing electric wheelchair – the answer to a question nobody asked

“Why drive something that looks like a medical device when you can drive something lethal?”