Monthly Archives: December 2006

A Scare on the ‘Bay

Over the last couple years I have bought a number of things on Ebay, but never sold anything there and have no plans to do so. So I was rather surprised to get several e-mails today confirming that I had listed items for sale there. My first thought was that they were from a spoof site, but then I signed on to Ebay and found they were in fact listed as being sold by me. The payment information gave a Paypal account that was not mine. Apparently somebody managed to list these under my name so if they were sold, I would be blamed for non-fulfillment, while the unfortunate buyer’s money would go to the crook.

I have no idea how this happened, but I immediately reported this to Ebay and cancelled all of the listings, in the process learning more about the seller side of the ‘Bay than I had planned to. I also changed both my Ebay and e-mail passwords and the security questions associated with them.

Christmas Eve

Got through the day with Tom. We had a nice walk around Lake Como, then went home for a while, then went to the 4:30 Church service, after which we went home for dinner. He did well on the walk, at church, and at dinner, i.e., while there was something definite going on. Between events–just hanging out at home–got a liitle tense at times.

He was quite happy to go to sleep in his old bed. James has also gone to bed. mia_mcdavid and I have been watching Christmas concerts on PBS. The St. Olaf College choir was really good.

I suppose I would like to go to Midnight Mass again, but it won’t work with Tom. Still, I have to admit that St. Christopher’s did manage a pretty good show at 4:30. Even at the late service I doubt they will have incense, so it still would not be the same as at our old parish in Evanston.