Monthly Archives: February 2009

Spring is coming!

It was actually just above freezing in downtown Minneapolis today, and I varied my skyway walk by going outside for a few blocks (without a coat). On Nicollet Mall I saw someone casting breadcrumbs on the sidewalk for the birds, and I felt the urge to burst into song (Lyrics here).

Of course, it is all a snare and a delusion. This is Minnesota. On the way home I heard a weather forecast for 6-7 inches of snow on Thursday.

A wheelchair that commands respect

Flame-Throwing Wheelchair Makes Me Want to Break a Leg

“A perfect opportunity for disabled people of the world to get even-Steven with all those punks who always park in the wrong spots.”


Firebreathing electric wheelchair – the answer to a question nobody asked

“Why drive something that looks like a medical device when you can drive something lethal?”

City of the big shoulders — and 20,000 eyes that never sleep

Surveillance cams help fight crime, city says: Goal is to have them on every corner.

Via A Surveillance Camera On Every Chicago Street Corner?

[The figure of 20,000 is my own SWAG, based on Chicago geography,]

I can understand the civil libertarian objections to this plan. However, having had much too close personal acquaintance with crime on a few of those corners, I suspect Mayor Daley has plenty of local support for implementing it.

Premium tools as an investment :-)>

Attention wolfsword !

From Lie-Nielsen planes.

On the whole, the Lie-Nielsen tools sold [on Ebay] for an average of 16 percent less than the full retail price. If you averaged out all the transactions, the average Lie-Nielsen tool sold for $38 less than the retail price.

So there you have it. My collection of Lie-Nielsens is doing better than my 401(k).