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A note on reenacting history

(From smuzikant)

Military History or Living History?

I don’t pretend to be a blacksmith I am one. We’re not pretending to bake bread we’re actually doing it. That’s not something you can say for the average martial persona which, by their very nature have inherent limitations. When was the last time Viking re-enactors actually stole, killed, and brought back plunder? They can’t. It’s the commoner portrayal that gets to actually live the life of our ancestors and that is not only fulfilling but keenly interests the public.

Maintaining Gaffneyis Gear

We took four of colgaffneyis polearms (3 pikes and a partisan) to Fort William and back last weekend. You can see how they traveled here.These take a lot of abuse at our events. The heads are always getting rusty. The shafts have not received any maintenance in 5 years to my certain knowledge, and I suspect much longer. The problem was similar to that of rehabbing old tools, which I often done before (e.g. these posts). However, there was an issue of scale. The partisan is 6 feet long. Two of the pikes measure 10 feet, and the third 14. Continue reading