Monthly Archives: July 2007

The Down Side of Cleaning House

mia_mcdavid, James, and I are all going to colgaffneyis camp at the White Oak Rendezvous this weekend. James has missed the last couple Clann events and some of his gear needs work. Mia wants to repair his breeches, and she called me to ask where they were. I replied that they were in a pile of my stuff on top of the bookcase under the window in in our bedroom.

She replied “No, there is nothing there. You cleaned it.” I had in fact cleaned off the top of the book case, and everything else on my side of the bedroom a few weeks ago. However, the piles of stuff had been there so long that they were still fixed in my mental image of the bedroom.

Now I have to remember where I put the breeches. I am sure it seemed like a very logical place at the time :-)>