Went to a Wedding

Today mia_mcdavid, carpe_noctum_93 and I went to the wedding of a friend from colgaffneyis. The ceremony was at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis. It used the current Episcopal marriage rite, very similar to that from Mia’s and my wedding back in 1978.

Like us, the bridal couple chose Tobit 8:5b-8 for the Old Testament Lesson, which concludes with Tobias saying “Grant that she and I may find mercy and grow old together.”

On the inside St. Mark’s reminds me very much of Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Evanston, where Mia and I were married and worshipped for 20 years. The liturgical style is also similar, as I noted in April. Hearing the same words, in a similar place, while standing next to Mia, was extraordinarily moving. One of the prayers in the ceremony reads:

Grant that all married persons who have witnessed these vows may find their lives strengthened and their loyalties confirmed.Amen.

For the reception the Bride’s family had rented a boat for a three hour cruise on Lake Minnetonka. The weather was perfect. The temperature was above 80oF/27oC and clear. I took a few pictures which you can see here. Folks, this is October in Minnesota!

The bride, in addition to being in colgaffneyis, is also an active member of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Hence there was some dancing, with live music. Mia and I danced a waltz together and then joined in a set for Mairi’s wedding. This is one of my very favorite country/folk dances, which I learned back at Carleton 40 years ago. It was first time I have danced it on a moving floor, but as always it was great. EDIT: Video here — Thank you, Whitewater.

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