Monthly Archives: January 2006

Talk at the office

A couple days ago I walked past a group of my colleagues talking. I heard one of them say some familiar phrases, such as “occupational therapy” and “special ed”. Today I asked her about this. Sure enough, her son Jamie, 7 yrs. old, has Asperger’s syndrome. Many of her experiences were quite similar to what we have been through with our James, who is now 19. We talked for quite a while. It is always good to meet another member of the club.

Bringing back memories

mia_mcdavid was shopping on Cedar Avenue, just south of downtown, and I met her for lunch. Took the light rail train from Government Center to the Cedar-Riverside stop, got off, and walked a few blocks. Very much the sort of thing I would have done in Chicago. The Minneapolis light rail cars are a lot like the CTA ‘L cars, except cleaner and with a few more electronic conveniences. We had a nice lunch, although I don’t think I would choose that particular restaurant again.

Got back to Government Center about 1 PM. The elevators were running slow and there was a huge backlog of people, which again made me think of some days on the CTA. I was amused to notice that among those stuck waiting with me was Sandy Vargas, the County Administrator. Good. All ranks should suffer together.

At colgaffneyis Dance Guild last night one of musicians commented on a local bribery scandal. What surprised her was that the politicians sold themselves so cheaply. Like us, she moved here from Chicago!