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College Reunion

I spent the weekend of June 16-19 at Carleton College. The occasion was my 50 year class reunion, for which I was a member of the gift committee, which in turn was a part of the overall planning committee. Mia (my wife) and I had a room on the third floor of Watson Hall, “3rd Watson” was how we would have referred to it back in the day. I don’t know if the current students refer to campus locations like that. I lived on “6th Watson” my senior year.

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Rang Gaeilge, 22ú lá Mí na mí Mheiteamh 2022

Duinnín agus an Bótun

Dineen and the Mistake

Botún, pl. -i, a smith’s paring knife; an unfledged bird; misfortune, irreparable mistake; ní raibh aon bhotún. ‘na béal nuair d’ith sé an fheoil … rinne mé mo bhotún …

  • ‘Aitheim’ arsa an Duinníneach agus é ag taibhsiú taobh thiar
    den gheolaí mór le rá, an t-aindiagaí Abraham Tomkins, sa Leabharlann Náisiúnta.

    ‘Umf,’ a d’fhreagair Abraham.

    ‘Fágaimis Dia as an áireamh, cad ann a chreideann tú?’ a d’fhiafraigh an Duinníneach de.

    ‘Ahem!’ said Dineen to the eminent geologist looming behind him, the atheist Abraham Tomkins, in the National Library.

    ‘Umf,’ answered Abraham.

    ‘Let us leave God out of the reckoning, what do you believe?’ Dineen asked him.

    taibhsigh loom v
    geolaí geologist m
    aindiagaí atheist m
    áireamh Count(ing), enumeration; census m
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