Good Friday, Holy Saturday

We went to the Good Friday Service at St. Mary’s last night. This was quite traditional in some ways, not so traditional in others. The traditional part was just fine. Some of the not-so-traditional stuff did not work so well for me. E.g. the soup supper before the service: Not for me. I am not a fanatic about fasting, but that was too much. I quietly absented myself. I am not saying there is anything wrong with what the church was doing, but I am coming from a different place, and it did not work for me.

Today was a quiet day, I had a task to do for work: One of the things about my job is that there are some things that can only be done outside of normal working hours. There were some complications, but I got through them done and the job is done.

I also made a rack to hold mia_mcdavid‘s fiber work while it is drying on the back porch. This is one of those really specialized projects — designed specifically for our environment. I did some other woodwork and set up a couple electronic gadgets I had recently acquired.

We also worked on tomorrow’s Easter dinner. There was some shopping, especially to accomodate our son Tom’s gluten-free diet. We also did some kitchen prep. In the middle of it we had a light supper and watched our tape from Wednesday of the Mythbusters smashing cars.

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