Monthly Archives: August 2009

Don’t trust the headline!

At USA Today you can see the title: Mystery solved: Dark energy isn’t there.

But in the body of the article it says:

The only problem is that for the equations to work, we must be “literally at the center of the universe, which is, to say the least, unusual,” says physicist Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University in Tempe. “I think this is plausible mathematics, but it doesn’t seem physically relevant.”

So in order to get “mystery solved” you have to assume something that science has been moving away from ever since Copernicus.

Much more at Dark Energy: Still a Puzzle.

Bumper Sticker

A few weeks ago I was driving westward along Marshall Ave. in St. Paul, just east of the Mississippi (west of which it becomes Lake St. in Minneapolis) when a bumper sticker caught my eye. In large print there was just one word, which I am familiar with in historical reading (e.g. for colgaffneyis), but rarely see in modern contexts. I saw it again tonight, and was able to park and get a picture:

The small print is the URL of the Ratzinger Fan Club.

Weekend woodwork

Yesterday I finished the spoon that I started at colgaffneyis event in Perham:

It is ready to use and packed for our next event with colgaffneyis.

Today I had that most mundane of a homeowner’s tasks: Replacing board on the front walkway:

It still called for measuring, sawing (done with a hand saw), drilling (with an eggbeater drill), driving screws (with a bit brace), and hammering nails. Doing this also showed that my knees were recovering from yesterday’s bike ride.