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Adding new disk partitions to a Linux system

The default Ubuntu installation process places all of the files in a single disk partition. However, it may be desirable to use multiple partitions. In particular you might want to have /home in its own partition and have yet another partition for the swap area. This way you could install another Linux distribution and have it share the swap area and /home, so you can save swap space and share your data files between the distributions. I have done this successfully on another system. In that case I created the multiple partitions when installing the distributions. For the Ubuntu installer it is the “something else” option when you choose how you are going to use your disk. It is fussier than following the defaults, but easier than the Slackware disk partitioning I used to do.

What if you followed the default Ubuntu install process and want to create additional partitions after the fact? That is what I wanted to do before I ended up Rebuilding a Linux System.

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Rang Gaeilge, 28ú lá Mí na Mheán Fómhair 2021

Duinnín agus na Bollain (tuilleadh)

  • Is ansin a chuir an diabhal cathú air. Bhí air suí síos ar an
    trasnán. Phléasc a cheann le físeanna. An mhaith a dhéanfadh
    dornán beag bonn do mhuintir Shé … aturnae don mháthair,
    spré do Bhrídín, faoiseamh don deirfiúr bhreoite, dram don
    lady, cearca . . . bó. Bhí a lámha ar crith nuair a bhrúigh
    sé an cláirín anuas ar an mbosca. Chuir sé ar ais sa pholl folaigh
    é. Chuir sé an tomhaisín ina phóca.

    It was then that the devil tempted him. He had to sit down on the crossbar.
    His head exploded with visions. A small handful of coins would be good for
    the Shea family … an attorney for the mother, a dowry for Bridey, relief for
    the ailing sister, a dram for the old lady, hens … a cow.
    His hands were shaking when he pushed the palm down on the box.
    He put it back in the hiding hole. He put the small paper cone in his pocket.

    cathú Conflict, battle; temptation
    dornán Fistful, handful; small quantity or number m
    bonn sole; coin gpl here
    aturnae Attorney, solicitor
    spré wealth; dowry
    faoiseamh Relief; alleviation, ease m
    breoite Sick, ailing.
    crith tremble, shake; trembling, shaking v and m
    brúigh press; push, shove
    cláirín Little board; short stave; Flat part; palm (of hand m
    tomhaisín Small measure, small amount; Cone-shaped paper bag; wallet, purse m
  • Léigh tuilleadh