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Sir Archy on Barack Obama’s temperament

“As the Ghost of a Person dead these 250 Years and more, who had seen enough of Bedlam…”

And his next comment:

I should forbear to remark on any Physick of my Day to restore the Balance of Humours, except to note this Image of Mrs. Moore, the Actress much taken with Bleeding by Leeches as a Means of Cleansing the Blood, &c.

“Tis to be hoped that Sen. Obama does not need to make similar Resort to these Creatures to keep his Humours in Repair.

Monday Night Irish Class — April 21, 2008

Irish class, April 21, 2008

Irish class, April 21, 2008


Fadas: áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ


Bígi reidh le caint ar rud suimiúil atá ar siúl.

Be prepared to talk about something interesting that is happening.

I thought about saying something about the weekend’s activities with
colgaffneyis, but quickly rejected that–it is hard enough to
explain as Bearla (in English). Instead:

Tá orm strus mór ag obair. Tá agam bainisteoir olc. Is tíoránach suarach é.
Is fuath le na hoibrithe é. Beidh agam bainisteoir nua go luath b’fhéidir.

Misc. Vocabulary
Tá a fhios agam go ____ I know that _____
beidh tú i d’aonar you will be alone (lit. “in your oneness”)
pléigh discuss
de ghnáth usually
ullmhaigh prepare

Indirect Speech

Brother, can you paradigm?

Show Time!

Again following-up on last night’s post from mia_mcdavid, yesterday we loaded colgaffneyis trailer for our first camping show of the season, in Charles City, Iowa. Setup is Thursday evening, down there. I am busy Monday (Irish Class), Tuesday (colgaffneyis dance), and Wednesday (Church choir), so I got my traveling woodworking kit together (I hope) this afternoon, and did most of my other packing this evening.