Monthly Archives: October 2008

Bad News

My mother is in the hospital again. She was feeling dizzy and weak yesterday and called 911. So far my brother Raven and his family, who live just a couple miles from her in Colorado Springs, have been visiting her and passing along news. My sister and her husband will be coming down from Denver. No word yet on when I will have to fly out, but I am going to pack a bag to be ready.

Halloween Fright

Halloween humor and a dark-skinned son, by the Rev. LeeAnne Watkins

Stories like this are depressingly common these days, but it is quite another thing to hear about how they hit people you know and like.

And hear it I did: LeeAnne worked it into her sermon (mp3 link) this morning. That version is much more vivid and personal. LeeAnne is a good writer, but a truly brilliant speaker.