Monthly Archives: June 2011

Bottled some ale

I finally bottled the ale that I started in March. It is darker than I thought, so I am calling it a brown ale rather than a pale ale. Should still be good. Next time I try for a pale ale I will use much less crystal malt. Final gravity 1.010, so about 5.0% alcohol by volume.

The process of bottling is somewhat involved, and, because of the need for sanitation, finicky. So I always put it off. However, it is not as bad as anticipation makes it. I finished this 5 gallon batch, including the final cleanup, in a little over 2 hours.

Kindle fun

I jailbroke my Kindle 3, using this download. I then proceeded to apply the Screen Saver Hack which lets you replace the pictures of all those authors by whatever you want. It worked perfectly and did not take long. The time consuming part was converting a set of family pictures to 600 x 800 grayscale png files.

The author of the jailbreak has an interesting note about his hack for the latest Kindle firmware.