Monthly Archives: October 2007

Get it while you can

After my trip downtown I went to the Woodcraft store in Bloomington–I had a pretty good discount coupon. After a nice chat with wolfsword, who works there, I looked around and saw an Auriou rasp. These have been very well reviewed, but the company is going out of business. So that is what I bought. There are all sorts of other interesting tools I might have chosen, but I expect to have another chance at most of those. Not so one of these rasps.

Parking problem and solution

I had to go into downtown Minneapolis in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, the Vikings had a home game downtown. Parking was up to at least $25 near the stadium, $15 near my office, and $10 on the other side of downtown. I had $6 in my pocket, and there was no convenient drive-through ATM to get more cash.

So I drove a few miles south, found street parking near the light rail line, and took the train downtown. It took less than two hours to finish my work, so my inbound ticket was still good when I took a southbound train to retrieve my car. Total cost: $1.25.

I did what I had to do, and was feeling quite satisfied on the ride south. I must confess to some schadenfreude when I saw the long faces of the fans who boarded at the Metrodome station: The Vikings lost.

Sunday Cleaning

As mia_mcdavid wrote, we did indeed clean out the rumpus room today. I had hoped to make some progress there, but we did far more than I had expected. It really is looking sort of decent, as garage/workrooms go. The next step for me is to clean off my workbenches, both the old one that came with the house and the one that I built here specifically for woodworking with hand tools. For that I will need to find and/or make some storage. I have some ideas about how to do that, but I probably will not get much done until next weekend.

One way or another, almost all weekend I have been doing things with mia_mcdavid. It has been good.