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Amazon 1. Apple 0.

From Cory Doctorow, at Which ebook sellers will allow publishers and writers to opt out of DRM?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo were all happy to carry my books without DRM, and on terms that gave you the same rights you got when buying paper editions. Sony and Apple refused to carry my books without DRM — even though my publisher and I both asked them to.

At the Ren Faire

mia_mcdavid and I took our foster daughter, carpe_noctum_93 to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We were there completely on our own, no connection with colgaffneyis. Mia and I dressed as 16th century Irish Commoners, based largely on the work of Kass McGann. In a midwestern August I was able to be much more comfortable than in the 1630 Scottish Highlander outfits I wear for colgaffneyis. For me this was something of a quick improvisation. With a little work I can make it look better and be even more comfortable. Just need to find more events for Irish garb.

We managed to get front row seats for a demonstration on glass blowing, which was very good. There is still a lot of good stuff at the Fair, but you have to look to get past the crass commercialism.

Pictures from my Blackberry here