Monthly Archives: November 2006

Thanksgiving Friday

I did not spend a dime today. In fact, I came out $35 ahead–the check arrived for one of the Windycon memberships I sold two weeks ago. No problem with mall crowds, since the extent of my outings was crossing the street to the mailbox.

I did a lot of woodwork today. The shaving horse is coming along very well.

Right now mia_mcdavid and I are watching Goldfinger on TV. I have not seen it since it first came out, nearly forty years ago. Still a lot of fun.

Thanksgiving Dinner soon

The monster turkey (40.5 lbs.) is almost done. Vegetables and pie are done. Tom is here–I picked him up from his group home at noon. So far things are going well, but I can never really relax at these holiday feasts. Tom (age 16) is severely autistic, while his older brother’s case of Asperger’s Syndrome means he also requires extra management.

In other news….

Monday night I went back to Irish Class, having missed a week. I did OK. Some other students had also been gone that day, so I was not too far out of step. Still, I need to work harder at this. I never fail to be impressed at how our teachers manage to keep the classes progressing when the whole system is completely voluntary and free. It is great to see devotion in action.

Also, I was feeling stuck on one of my woodworking projects, the new shaving horse. The constraint I have imposed on myself is that it has to be easily taken down for transport and rebuilt on site. I got an idea about that tonight which may help a lot.