Monthly Archives: February 2006

Pleasant task

With all the changes in organization at work I am taking over support for several systems that had been the responsibility of other DBA’s. Another one came along today. I looked over the documentation this morning and was absolutely delighted. It told me everything I need to know, and far more than I usually get. It was concise and clearly written. Furthermore, the actual system is simple and clean–the developers successfully stopped management from adding a huge layer of utterly unnecessary complication.

I promptly send a nice Thank You e-mail to the project manager and the tech writer. I have been feeling quite good about work all day since then. Even a tedious meeting about naming standards (on another project) didn’t wreck my mood.

Later Sunday

I stayed with colgaffneyis for a couple hours after the Kirkin’ on Sunday. Did some dancing, and talked with patrons. I had to leave a little before 3PM to pick up Tom from Respite. Mia did the drop-off on Friday, so it was my job to do the pick up. Mia and James stayed at Ramble.

Tom was at Camp Friendship, up near St. Cloud–hence my early departure from Ramble. The trip worked out OK. Tom had had a good weekend and was quite cheerful. The drive back was quite straightforward. I stopped at a Burger King to get him a hamburger and fries. Since McDonalds’ fries are not longer gluten free the golden arches are no longer an option for him. Rather to my surprise, Mia and James were already home when we got there about 6 PM.

Scottish Ramble — Saturday

Mia took Tom up to the Respite camp on Friday night. This time Respite was at Camp Friendship, near St. Cloud, and about a three hour round trip drive. We had an opportunity at a much closer site, but we thought Camp Friendship would be more interesting for Tom.

Saturday we went to Ramble, getting there a little before the official opening at 10 AM. Continue reading

An old friend called ….

I got a call on my cell phone from a Carleton friend this morning. We had last met at a reunion back in 2002. At that time we talked about our lives since graduation. Like us, Roc and his wife Eliza have a son with Asperger’s syndrome. Max is about two years younger than our James. At the time we talked about getting our boys together. Nothing came of this–they live in Beloit, Wisconsin, about 400 miles away.

However, Max remembered this, and recently asked his father if he could talk to James. So Roc called me to ask about having them talk by phone. I think this would be great. James has only one friend anywhere near his own age and badly needs someone else to talk to. So I will talk about this with him. This will be tricky. It is very likely James will not want to talk to Max–he get nervous about things like this. But it is worth a try.