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Monday night Irish Class, February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008

Irish Class, February 25, 2008.

against Nick’s
Official Version
. –>

We started with some number drills–
counting objects.
This was a review of material from <!– 9/24 –>
9/24 and
<!– 10/1–>

When you use plural forms for counting you start at three, not two. In
Irish two takes the singular.

Some notes
aon bhád amháin one boat [or]
bád amháin one boat

uan lamb m1
naoi n-uan nine lambs n- eclipses a vowel
capall horse m1
  • m1 nouns use the same form for the genitive singular and the nominative
    plural (slenderize the final consonant).
  • In Munster initial bh- is pronounced /v/ even as a broad consonant,
    instead of /w-/.



Next was a review of
body parts
from <!–

There was some discussion of on-line resources.
Beo was particularly recommended.

With four students in the class, we split into two pairs. Each pair was given a theme for a dialog to compose. We then read them and the other pair had to figure out who we were and what we were talking about. My partner was JS, who had her notes from last September’s all class exercise on curses to add some spice to our contribution, a scene in a restaurant between a waiter and a customer.

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Archaeology and the Druids

Possible Druid Grave Enchants Archaeologists. Via Archaeology in Europe

Unlike a lot of sensational reports, this one is properly cautious about the dangers of interpreting a society from physical evidence alone:

There’s a joke among archaeologists: Two of their kind, in the future, find a present-day public toilet. “We’ve discovered a holy site!” cries one. “Look, it has two separate entrances,” says the other. “This here,” he says, pointing to the door with a pictogram of a woman, “was for priests. This is evident by the figure wearing a long garment.”

This reminded me of Digging the Weans (excerpt here), and Motel of the Mysteries.

Tom and work

mia_mcdavid just wrote about what is happening with Tom. I will be taking the day off from work for this. Fortunately, my cred at the office is pretty good right now. The weekend’s server work was way more exciting than I like–there was a really obscure problem with different versions of Microsoft software, but in the end we opened for a normal business day this morning (as a branch of government we were closed yesterday, although I was still working).