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Time in Windows and Linux

By default, Windows assumes that the local system clock is set to local time, and updates it accordingly. Ubuntu Linux assumes that the clock is running UTC (essentially Greenwich Mean Time) and will update it on that assumption. Since it knows your location (you specified it at installation, and hopefully updated it when you moved) it will display the correct local time just like windows.

The problem comes when you have a dual boot (Linux and Windows) system. When you reboot from one OS into the other the new OS will assume the system clock is behaving according its own rules, even though the other OS was following its rules. To fix this:

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Rang Gaeilge, 15ú lá Mí na Bealtaine 2022

Duinnín agus Imleacán Kali (tuilleadh)

Dineen and the navel of Kali (continued)
  • Lig Brady osna as, ach thug sé an treoir chuí do phóilín a bhí ar dualgas.

    Brady sighed,but he gave the appropriate direction to a police officer on duty.

    treoir Guidance, direction f
    cuí Fitting, proper
    dualgas Natural right, due; customary fee or reward
    ar dualgas on duty
  • Léigh tuilleadh

Free42 on Ubuntu

I noted in Slackware Diary that I had installed Free42 under Slackware. As I wrote in 2006 I fell in love with HP calculators and their RPN notation back in the 1970s, and still find the conventional algebraic notation rather awkward. I no longer carry a physical calulator, but I have Free42 installed on my phone and my tablet, and on my Windows systems. Now I also have it on Slackware. So I circled back to see if I could install in on Ubuntu.

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