Monthly Archives: October 2006

Something different

So…I spend the day being frustrated and depressed, about work and colgaffneyis. What do I have to look forward to in the evening–my Irish language class. And I feel guilty about that because I have not been studying hard enough.

So…I make myself go to class. Afterwards I feel cheered and energized. I actually was able to participate intelligently and enjoy it. The day seems much better now.

Until I found Gaeltacht Minnesota I never thought a foreign language class could do that.


Just finished another apheresis (platelet donation) session at the Minneapolis Red Cross. It is nice to be able to lie back and doze off for a couple hours, knowing that it is actually doing some good for the world.

As part of the procedure they took my blood pressure. It was 122/74. A pleasant surprise. I expected much worse after all the recent stress at work.