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The Common Thread

From Time for industry to end its war on regulation

The biggest oil spill ever. The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The deadliest mine disaster in 25 years. One recall after another of toys from China, of vehicles from Toyota, of hamburgers from roach-infested processing plants. The whole Vioxx fiasco. And let’s not forget the biggest climate threat since the Ice Age.

Even if you’re not into conspiracy theories, it’s hard to ignore the common thread running through these recent crises: the glaring failure of government regulators to protect the public. Regulators who were cowed by industry or intimidated by politicians. Regulators who were compromised by favors or prospects of industry employment. Regulators who were better at calculating the costs of oversight than the benefits. And regulators who were blinded by their ideological bias against government interference and their faith that industries could police themselves.

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Hobbit a la Russe

Wonderful illustrations from a Soviet-era Russian translation of the Hobbit.

The article is titled “Russian Lord of the Rings”, but everything I could see was from The Hobbit.

Also three clips from a low-budget Soviet movie version. Somehow it seems particularly appropriate for the dwarves to speak Russian. Perhaps it is because they look like Orthodox monks.

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