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Free the Quarks!

Calculating the strong force

A watershed: the emergence of QCD

We had arrived at a very specific candidate theory of the strong interaction, one based on precise, beautiful equations. And we had specific, quantitative proposals for testing it.

See also the Bag Model of Quark Confinement. Corry Lee gave a great explanation of this in her talk about the Higgs Boson at Chicon 7 last summer.

CSI: Bosworth Field, and related matters

… the final moments of Richard III’s life…

On a related note, Richard III’s body becomes subject of rival claims from Leicester and York

In case you were wondering: Why the princes in the tower are staying six feet under.

“The recent discovery of Richard III does not change the abbey’s position, which is that the mortal remains of two young children, widely believed since the 17th century to be the princes in tower, should not be disturbed.”

The Cold and the Dark

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On December 8 Metro Transit added a new express
bus line
to downtown Minneapolis, where I work. The northern
of this bus line is about 1¼ miles from
my home. This is well within normal walking distance for me, and there are sidewalks along Rice Street, where traffic can be quite serious. So
I decided it was time to leave the car at home and do my normal commuting entirely by walking and public transportation like
mia_mcdavid and I did in Chicago until 1987. I have been doing so ever since.

This has both pros and cons:

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