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“Johndevous” in Roseville

Some of colgaffneyis members are at John O’s, down near Winona for a project weekend (“Johndevous”). John has a very impressive shop and invited anybody in the group to come down there to work on their own camp projects. I decided not to go. I have a shop of my own. John’s shop is better than mine, but not enough better to offset the hassle of driving to Winona and camping there. Also, here I do not have to share the tools.
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High Mass

Incense is psychoactive: Scientists identify the biology behind the ceremony

New study in The FASEB Journal shows how and why molecules released from burning incense in religious ceremonies alleviate anxiety and depression

Sadly, in general the Episcopal churches in Minnesota do not use incense nearly as much as those in Chicagoland.

By way of Dvorak Uncensored and this post in episcopal.