Monthly Archives: August 2007

Worn out

Rather less going on then usual. colgaffneyis has no shows in September, so there is not the rush to get ready for the next event. Gaeltacht Minnesota is in the middle of a three week break. All this is just as well. The continual threatening atmosphere at work is wearing me down. Furthermore, allergies have been interfering with my sleep. They are hitting me much harder than in the past several summers. There are several projects I want to work on at home, but it is hard to find the energy to proceed with them.


We went back to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church today. The Rector was out, but that was really OK–We got to see how the parish worked without her. Answer: Just fine. That is the way it should be. LeeAnne is a brilliant preacher and obviously well-loved in the parish, but the church needs to be able to get along when she is elsewhere.

After we got home mia_mcdavid took a nap, while I worked on some of colgaffneyis tent poles–we had several equipment failures at Perham. I did everything I could–the next step is a policy decision by Mia and the Tinker. I also made some progress on cleaning my workbench.

I was tired

We got home from the MN Ren Faire about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and went to bed–we both needed naps. We got up for dinner, after which mia_mcdavid went out to join some friends at a concert in a western suburb. I could not face that, and returned to bed at 8:30. All told I slept for about 14 hours.