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Never too late

Saturday afternoon (when it was not raining) I was doing some woodwork outside our tent at colgaffneyis muster. One of our newer members came by to look at what I was doing and chat. He is an older fellow (mid-late 40’s I would guess). He saw what I was doing and said he wished he could actually do stuff like that. I told him that I will turn 58 next month and I have only gotten serious about this in the last 10 years.

I hope he got the message.

“Johndevous” in Roseville

Some of colgaffneyis members are at John O’s, down near Winona for a project weekend (“Johndevous”). John has a very impressive shop and invited anybody in the group to come down there to work on their own camp projects. I decided not to go. I have a shop of my own. John’s shop is better than mine, but not enough better to offset the hassle of driving to Winona and camping there. Also, here I do not have to share the tools.
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My weekend here

mia_mcdavid is in Michigan for the weekend and the first couple days of next week. Her aunt died after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s. She has posted about it, most recently here.

I cleaned off my workbench this morning, and am trying to make some progress on at least some of my unfinished projects. Quite a list