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More on Saturday

This afternoon I helped represent colgaffneyis at the Minnesota Tartan Day ceremonies. Like last year I was one of the musketeers. My first shot failed, but without harm. The second went off correctly.

Afterwards I went home. I did the tax return for our son J, following up on this morning’s work. Everything is clean. I will wait a day or two in case I can think of any additional deductions, then electronicly file the returns.

Tedious necessities

Today’s snowstorm (this is Minnesota) meant that I was an hour late getting home. Also cold and wet. I immediately had to load some dead computer stuff (4 computers, 1 monitor, and 1 scanner) into the car for recycling tomorrow. Then I had to type up, edit, and submit the minutes of colgaffneyis last Board meeting–the next one is Tuesday. I finished that just after 8PM. Next I had to do taxes. I had done most of the work last week so I was able to finish a little after 9. And I think it is finished. The returns (one for us and one for J) have been submitted electronically and I have saved backup copies of the files (I work in systems administration–paranoia is my profession). The only possible issue is that a return might be rejected by either the IRS or Minnesota. This is unlikely. TurboTax is quite good and our tax life is not that interesting. Just sometimes painful.

Taxes–2nd pass

As I wrote previously, our 2007 tax situation was chaotic. It now looks like we will be getting a record refund from the Feds and paying a record amount to the State. Still, that works out in our favor.

Our son J has a separate tax return, but I am stuck on that, He is getting Social Security Disability payments, but we do not yet have the SSA-1099 for him.

While writing this I realized we have a similar situation for our younger son, Tom. We will be contacting their social worker.


I thought I should take at least a first look at taxes while it was still March, so I installed the copy of TurboTax that had been sitting on my desk for several weeks. I then went ahead and did most of the data entry. 2007 was quite a chaotic year for our tax situation so I had no idea what to expect. It now looks like we be getting a refund of well over $1000, but four hours ago I would not have been surprised to see a similar figure in the other direction.

We still have a few more things to enter into the system, but they all work in our favor. I think I have accounted for everything that could bite us.

My weekend here

mia_mcdavid is in Michigan for the weekend and the first couple days of next week. Her aunt died after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s. She has posted about it, most recently here.

I cleaned off my workbench this morning, and am trying to make some progress on at least some of my unfinished projects. Quite a list