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The Cold and the Dark

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On December 8 Metro Transit added a new express
bus line
to downtown Minneapolis, where I work. The northern
of this bus line is about 1¼ miles from
my home. This is well within normal walking distance for me, and there are sidewalks along Rice Street, where traffic can be quite serious. So
I decided it was time to leave the car at home and do my normal commuting entirely by walking and public transportation like
mia_mcdavid and I did in Chicago until 1987. I have been doing so ever since.

This has both pros and cons:

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Mercury in free fall

I am not referring to the planet, although that is also (and always) true.

I posted before about the temperatures on December 15 and this past Tuesday.
This morning I saw a thermometer reading -22oF/-30oC.

However my car, a ’95 Ford Escort, was still able to start. There was a bus waiting at the Park-and-ride, and it stopped downtown across the street from a Skyway entrance. So my total exposure to the weather was probably under 5 minutes.

I just checked the forecast. It may be a full 17oF/9oC warmer when I go home!

Bicycle and bus

I rode my bicycle to and from the Rosedale park-and-ride (about three miles each way) both Monday and Tuesday. From there I took an express bus to work in downtown Minneapolis as I usually do. I gave my knees a break yesterday and drove to Rosedale, but I was back on the bike this morning. I hope to manage 3-4 carless commutes each week through the summer and early fall.

Long ago I read an article arguing that per passenger mile the bicycle was the most energy-efficient form of transportation known, not only to homo sapiens, but throughout the animal kingdom. It was in a reputable scientific publication, Physics Today IIRC, with plenty of numbers, equations, and graphs. I wonder if I could track down a copy of it.

Bicycle Commuting Note

I rode my bicycle to the Rosedale park-and-ride this morning, instead of driving there.

The standard belt clip on a Blackberry is not suitable for cycling. The upward hip motion while pedalling tends to dislodge it.

Fortunately, I discovered this before the thing fell on the pavement. From now on I will keep it in my briefcase or a bag while riding.