A busy and productive weekend

As mia_mcdavid noted, I was absolutely exhausted Friday night. I went to bed at 8PM and slept past 9AM Saturday. In the late morning I edited/printed/stuffed in envelopes/addressed/mailed the hard copy version of colgaffneyis newsletter. In the afternoon mia_mcdavid and I went to see our son Tom, and had a good visit with him. We then went to look at what will probably be his long term home, in the southeast corner of St. Paul. Nice area, more wooded and less built up than his old neighborhood in SW Minneapolis. We had a bit of excitement on the way home, where we picked up our older son James and then all went out to see the new Batman movie, as I mentioned last night.

After church mia_mcdavid and I stayed around a bit to learn how the Sunday offering is counted and the bank deposit made. We have been recruited to be one of the teams that does this necessary function. We did this back in the ’80’s at St. Luke’s. Here at St. Mary’s there is a large photocopier next to the counting room, which on Sunday mornings helps to greatly simplify the counting process.

After I getting home I cleaned up my side of our bedroom. I cleared and dusted the tops of both dressers, both bookcases, and my nightstand. Quite a few books went to the basement to be appropriately shelved there. A lot of clothes went into the closet, and I filled one bag with paper recycling and another with trash. I then vacuumed the floor. My side of the room is in good shape now with the possible exception that there may be one or two of my items on the cedar chest. I can’t really tell. The upper strata there are entirely mia_mcdavid‘s, and she will have to clear them first.

After the bedroom came the shop. I actually got everything cleaned off of my main workbench. I then swept the floor, collecting all the sawdust, shavings, wood fragments, odd nails and screws, leather and fabric scraps, packaging, etc. I filled a large trash can several times, emptying it into the big garbage can as needed.

I did not do any woodwork this weekend, but I did some leatherwork and metalwork. I had to replace one of the shoulder straps for a piece of colgaffneyis armor. The hardest task was removing the small (1″ x 1.5″) armor plates from the old strap–they were riveted in place. This called for drill and hacksaw work. I had to replace one of the plate entirely, cutting and drilling holes in a piece of mild steel, and also cut the new leather strap to shape. Today I put it all together, riveting the small steel plates to the leather strap, and that in turn to the backplate. It is ready for colgaffneyis next event.

So I am actually quite pleased with the weekend. I did everything I had to do, and completed all the projects I had planned.

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