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The dirty secret behind ball lightning ….

… is dirt

This shows the role of luck in scientific discovery:

a team of researchers serendipitously observed ball lightning at a time when they had the right equipment to study it. Jianyong Cen, Ping Yuan, and Simin Xue were in the field measuring the properties of ordinary lightning when they happened to catch ball lightning with both their high-speed cameras and their spectrographs

Coping with the Cold

It has been cold here in Minnesota, and Monday will be even colder, with an expected high around -15oF/-26oC. All K-12 public schools will be closed, per an order from Governor Dayton this morning. So a lot of Minnesota parents are going to be stuck at home (even the zoo will be closed) with their kids. How to cope…..

At 3:25 PM The Four Firkins, a local specialty beer store, sent out an email which included:

It’s cold. School is closed on Monday. Will you be prepared for being locked in the house with the kids all day? Alaskan Brewing is to the rescue!

Hop°thermia is brewed using Amarillo, Citra, and Centennial hops to create a juicy citrus fantasy explosion of hopcellence. The malt base is nice and toasty, and balances perfectly to the hop aromatics. Being a double IPA, it weighs in at a very warming 8.5%.

While I do not have this particular scheduling problem, I do want to try the beer. It sounds quite interesting.

The Cold and the Dark

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On December 8 Metro Transit added a new express
bus line
to downtown Minneapolis, where I work. The northern
of this bus line is about 1¼ miles from
my home. This is well within normal walking distance for me, and there are sidewalks along Rice Street, where traffic can be quite serious. So
I decided it was time to leave the car at home and do my normal commuting entirely by walking and public transportation like
mia_mcdavid and I did in Chicago until 1987. I have been doing so ever since.

This has both pros and cons:

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