Monday Night Irish Class, April 28, 2008

Irish Class, April 28, 2008

Irish Class, April 28, 2008


Fadas: áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ


Notes for a scéal which I did not present. I may use it next week:

Champáil mé agus mo bhean cheile an deireadh seachtaine. Bhí oíche
Deardaoine an-báistiúl. Bhí oíche Aoine níos measa. Ní raibh báisteach, ach
tháinig gaoth láidir agus fuar aniar. Shilamar gur titfeadh an puball síos.
Ní chodalamar. Thiománomar abhaile Dé Sathairn. Bhíomar slán agus tirim, ach
an tuirseach.

I am trying to use more of the synthetic verb forms
when they are part of the Caighdeán, but I probably got some of them
wrong. Also tried an indirect statement with a conditional.

This class was a break from our usual routine. Mary R was out so her class
joined ours. We did several rounds of a guessing game as Gaeilge.

Misc. vocabulary
ainmhí animal m4 pl ainmhíthe
éan bird
eitil fly (verb)
luch mouse
othar patient, invalid m1
otharlann hospital f2
corcra purple
flannbhuí orange color
muc pig f2 (I’d have guessed m1)
capall horse m1
crann tree m1
fata = práta potato Never saw fata before
dúch ink
mair live (verb)
spéir sky f2 pl -éatha
nigh wash (verb)
faigh get Irr. verb.–need to keep working on those.
cead ceann eile lit. “first thing other”, next [thing] “pass” in a game (e.g. cards)

There was one round concerning
body parts.

The last part of the class was for interviewing each other as Gaeilge.
There were three questions, one being “What is you favorite Irish word?” After
a moment’s thought I settled on beoir (“beer”). Of course, someone in the
class answered that question with póg mo thóin.

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