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Pushing the Speed of Light

There is a filk song by this title that has been around for at least a couple decades, and several SF stories as well, all about the issues that the time dilation of near lightspeed travel will pose for human interactions. These are a long way in our future, but our money is “pushing the speed of light” today:

How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading

From Slashdot,

From the “Be careful what you wish for” files

Why Amazon Wants To Pay Sales Tax

How Amazon’s ambitious new push for same-day delivery will destroy local retail.

Physical retailers have long argued that once Amazon plays fairly on taxes, the company wouldn’t look like such a great deal to most consumers. If prices were equal, you’d always go with the “instant gratification” of shopping in the real world. The trouble with that argument is that shopping offline isn’t really “instant”—it takes time to get in the car, go to the store, find what you want, stand in line, and drive back home.