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Ixnay on the iPod:

In Praise of Crap Technology

I actually did have an iPod once, a sleek 30-gig number with a brilliant video screen and space for nearly half of my comically large music collection. I watched a video on it exactly once—Breaking Bad, season one—cringed with horror every time I dropped it and felt the $400 hole in my wallet for longer than I’d owned the thing when I inevitably lost it.

[My Coby MP3 player is] worth next to nothing so I’m virtually assured never to lose it—unlike apparently every iPhone prototype ever—and I don’t cringe at all when my toddler flings it across the room. And because the next Coby is sure to be just as mediocre, I’ll never need to upgrade—I’ve stepped off the escalators of feature creep and planned obsolescence, and all the expense and toxic e-waste that come with them. Crap technology, it turns out, is green technology.

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Apple turns the screws

Apple wants 30% of Kindle App ebook sales

It’s quite amazing how unpopular the move is. Even people on Apple sites are against it.

It’s all rather strange – Unless you consider the fact that people who are reading are not doing things Apple wants them to do i.e. watch movies, grow stupid, become consumers, watch TV, etc.

Books turn brainwashed consumers into free thinkers, and that might be the last thing Apple wants.

More, including comments (many NSFW), at Apple responds: we want a cut of Amazon, Sony e-book sales.

How Amazon Saved The Kindle

…. from the threat posed by the iPad. At Business Insider

Essentially what I posted back in September. A further point is that Apple historically does not compete on price. It sell premium products (good premium products) at premium prices. But for Amazon (and Barnes & Noble) discounting is a way of life. Apple cannot compete with them on price, and has no reason to: There are lots of people quite happy to pay Apple’s current prices. These are just different business models

Kindle, Nook, and iPad

Kindle 3G vs Nook Color Brief Feature Review

Which is better? It is not obvious. You have to do it the hard way. Go down the list of features and decide which matter most to you.

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You’d never pick Nook Color over Kindle for reading, but you might pick it when buying Continue reading