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Getting back to normal

colgaffneyis stuff is out of our garage, and we have managed to get our stuff out of it as well. So we are able to put both cars in it. Still to do:

  1. Put away all the wool plaids that have been drying in the basement.
  2. Clean the rust off some of my tools that were caught in the rain at Mankato.
  3. Clear my workbench (At least far enough that I can use it).
  4. Finish the froe club that I made at Mankato. It is actually usable now, but the handle could use some more work.
  5. Revise the notes on Scottish and Irish Gaelic from my talk at Mankato. I was quite gratified by the interest shown by my fellow members. I will submit the notes to colgaffneyis newsletter and put them up on my website.

The kilt as an Irish garment

….originated in the late 19th century. It is not traditional Irish dress. See What is Traditional Irish Dress by kass_rants (Kass McGann), a well known expert on historical clothing. I have checked and confirmed her references on the subject. Also see this letter from Patrick Pearse.

And that is why I will not be wearing a kilt to the local Irish Fair (A fine event, BTW) this weekend.

Half belted plaid

Now that’s a PLAID. I followed the original discussion on the Scotattire list with considerable interest and had already planned to make something like this. Now I am even more excited about it. Alas, sewing projects seem to be slipping to the bottom of the queue, even though I have made considerable progress on other parts of my list.

Queue? List? Stack? Heap?–what is the appropriate data structure :-)>