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A quick look at the end of Gaelic Ireland

Liam Swords, in The Flight of the Earls, includes a brief account of the Nine Years’ War, the last and greatest of Irish rebellions against Queen Elizabeth I of England, but is more concerned with the aftermath. On September 14, 1607, Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone and leader of the rebellion, Rory O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell, and nearly 100 of their family and followers fled from Ireland on a ship. Continue reading

Getting back to normal

colgaffneyis stuff is out of our garage, and we have managed to get our stuff out of it as well. So we are able to put both cars in it. Still to do:

  1. Put away all the wool plaids that have been drying in the basement.
  2. Clean the rust off some of my tools that were caught in the rain at Mankato.
  3. Clear my workbench (At least far enough that I can use it).
  4. Finish the froe club that I made at Mankato. It is actually usable now, but the handle could use some more work.
  5. Revise the notes on Scottish and Irish Gaelic from my talk at Mankato. I was quite gratified by the interest shown by my fellow members. I will submit the notes to colgaffneyis newsletter and put them up on my website.

Clann Tartan Mythbuster

One thing that find frustrating about colgaffneyis is that members seem quite happy to repeat generalities about the past (sometimes quite implausible) without checking the historical facts. I have a pretty good BS detector, and it frequently goes off in our camp. Here is a draft of the latest result of this. I will be publishing it in colgaffneyis newsletter. Whether anyone will read it and pay attention is uncertain. However, I have already started work on debunking another Clann myth.

More on Early Modern Irish

A few weeks ago I wrote a note on classical literary Gaelic/Early Modern Irish. Today I found more about Dán Díreach at Medieval Irish Poetry.

I hope I remember to look up Mo-chean do theacht, a sgadáin in Lent next year :-)>

Looking at the parent site, I noticed that the author is also interested in science fiction and filk.