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Too many books

In Church this morning some announced that there was a group being formed to read and discuss the recent book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. I have heard good things about this and my first reaction was Sure, I should get the book, read it, and join the group. My second thought was Wait a minute, I am reading several books already. My third thought was Just how many books am I reading now? So I made a list. Here it is, in no particular order or organization:

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To the publishing industry:

Amazon Will Destroy You

Amazon is going to destroy the Big 6, destroy bookstores, destroy 95% of all agents, destroy distributors (Ingram, Baker & Taylor), and revolutionize the publishing industry by becoming the dominant force.

If you are any of the above I mentioned, you probably want to blame Amazon.

You’d be wrong.

Most of the blame falls upon that person you see in the mirror.

Kindle fun

I jailbroke my Kindle 3, using this download. I then proceeded to apply the Screen Saver Hack which lets you replace the pictures of all those authors by whatever you want. It worked perfectly and did not take long. The time consuming part was converting a set of family pictures to 600 x 800 grayscale png files.

The author of the jailbreak has an interesting note about his hack for the latest Kindle firmware.

Apple turns the screws

Apple wants 30% of Kindle App ebook sales

It’s quite amazing how unpopular the move is. Even people on Apple sites are against it.

It’s all rather strange – Unless you consider the fact that people who are reading are not doing things Apple wants them to do i.e. watch movies, grow stupid, become consumers, watch TV, etc.

Books turn brainwashed consumers into free thinkers, and that might be the last thing Apple wants.

More, including comments (many NSFW), at Apple responds: we want a cut of Amazon, Sony e-book sales.

How Amazon Saved The Kindle

…. from the threat posed by the iPad. At Business Insider

Essentially what I posted back in September. A further point is that Apple historically does not compete on price. It sell premium products (good premium products) at premium prices. But for Amazon (and Barnes & Noble) discounting is a way of life. Apple cannot compete with them on price, and has no reason to: There are lots of people quite happy to pay Apple’s current prices. These are just different business models