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2012: Ending with a whimper

I left work early on December 27, not feeling well. I have had a bad cold ever since. mia_mcdavid has it as well. Stuck at home ever since. We have cancelled all social events. It is now past midnight in New Brunswick, Canada. Since that is a place in North America I have been, albeit more than 1/2 century ago, I think I can call it 2013 and go to bed.

How the anti-vaccination groups work

Blogger Who Fought Against Anti-Vaccine Group is Under Attack

Some of you may have met Elyse: She has been to Convergence the last two years.

As most of you you know, mia_mcdavid and I have two autistic sons. Both received all the usual childhood vaccinations. mia_mcdavid and I are certain that this was the right thing to do and have no regrets about it.