Nice Thanksgiving

It is done. Everything worked out in the end. Dinner itself was great. mia_mcdavid has worked hard for decades on how to cook a turkey so it tastes really good, and this was her best ever. The real concern was keeping Tom entertained during all the prep. Just like old times–he would get up and cruise the kitchen for snacks, and needed attention then. Over the years we have learned, usually the hard way, that there an amazing number of ways he can make trouble there. Between the turkey and dessert we went for a walk in the local park. It was unseasonably warm (50oF +), clear, and sunny so that was very pleasant.

Tom went into his old room several times to look for books, but was seems to clearly understand that this is no longer his home. He was quite willing to get in the car and was very cheerful on the drive back.

I took him back to his group home while mia_mcdavid dismembered the turkey for storage. The boys had each eaten a drumstick, while Mia and I had one thigh between us. This was a 40 lb. bird, so there are a lot of leftovers. Most of the meat is in the freezer, but some is in the refridgerator for short-term use. The bones are simmering away in a 5 gallon pot on the stove, on the way to making turkey stock. All the other leftovers were packaged in the refridgerator long ago, except for the pecan pie which we sent away with Tom.

Mia will be visiting a friend in Wisconsin tomorrow. I plan to stay home. I have no shopping spree planned. I would like to show my opinion of this commercial binge by not spending a dime, but I don’t think I can quite manage that. Both cars need gas, and the kitchen needs onions and garlic.

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