Cooking for colgaffneyis

The “camp drill”–in this case a period cooking exercise–for colgaffneyis yesterday went very well. It was run by our new Head Camp Followers, goddesssif and BB, and they did a great job. botanicavix was kind enough to offer her house and back yard as a site, as well as teaching several of us about ax work. Thank you to all three, and to the members that attended!

Thinking back on the staff elections earlier this month, everybody (including the new Captain) realized that HCF involved a lot more work than Captain. This is certainly true. OTOH, the Camp (non-military) events seem to attract a lot more interest among the membership. Yesterday’s event had twice the attendance of the military drill the week before. Perhaps colgaffneyis is unconsciously demobilizing. Not that our members are less interested in reenactment; they just seem more interested in period civilian life.

Of course the cooking exercise had another advantage: We got to eat the results of our work, and they were tasty.

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