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Clann Tartan Mythbuster

One thing that find frustrating about colgaffneyis is that members seem quite happy to repeat generalities about the past (sometimes quite implausible) without checking the historical facts. I have a pretty good BS detector, and it frequently goes off in our camp. Here is a draft of the latest result of this. I will be publishing it in colgaffneyis newsletter. Whether anyone will read it and pay attention is uncertain. However, I have already started work on debunking another Clann myth.

The kilt as an Irish garment

….originated in the late 19th century. It is not traditional Irish dress. See What is Traditional Irish Dress by kass_rants (Kass McGann), a well known expert on historical clothing. I have checked and confirmed her references on the subject. Also see this letter from Patrick Pearse.

And that is why I will not be wearing a kilt to the local Irish Fair (A fine event, BTW) this weekend.

Update on the Travelers, and those left behind

mia_mcdavid and her mother are in the northern Chicago suburbs, staying with a family friend. They fly to Dublin tonight.

I got J up and off to school yesterday and today, without too much whining on his part.

Last night I started a sewing project for my colgaffneyis kit. I had been procrastinating about it for months. Not a big job, but the fitting is fussy.

We might have visitors this weekend. Some old (30+ years) friends were talking about stopping by on their way between South Dakota and Michigan. That was a couple weeks ago, before I went to Colorado, and they have not called back, unless they talked to Mia while I was away. So there may be a van with Michigan plates sitting in my driveway tonight.