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I have read the first seven chapters of Julian Havil’s Gamma, mostly on the bus to and from work (a benefit of public transportation that does not get nearly enough attention, IMHO). It is slow going because I am working through all the mathematical derivations. These are very clearly presented so this is going well, but it still takes time. A couple modern proofs by Paul Erdös left my head spinning, but I have been able to follow (with appropriate awe), the classic results of Leonard Euler. I suppose this is appropriate given my historical interests :-)>

Parking problem and solution

I had to go into downtown Minneapolis in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, the Vikings had a home game downtown. Parking was up to at least $25 near the stadium, $15 near my office, and $10 on the other side of downtown. I had $6 in my pocket, and there was no convenient drive-through ATM to get more cash.

So I drove a few miles south, found street parking near the light rail line, and took the train downtown. It took less than two hours to finish my work, so my inbound ticket was still good when I took a southbound train to retrieve my car. Total cost: $1.25.

I did what I had to do, and was feeling quite satisfied on the ride south. I must confess to some schadenfreude when I saw the long faces of the fans who boarded at the Metrodome station: The Vikings lost.

Need a break

colgaffneyis dance guild is meeting tonight, but we are not going to be there. mia_mcdavid has a Garden Club meeting in Roseville. Without her, I think I will just stay home. In post 35-W Minneapolis the Westward trip from Roseville is still rather grim at 6:30 PM. Also, there may be heavy rain when I would return after 9 PM. I made that trip through storms three times in the last month. That is enough for now.

The fact is I really need some time at home. Sunday was busy and I have been out the last two evenings. I have not fully unpacked from the last two weekends of camping with colgaffneyis. I am looking forward to a relaxing evening, working on a couple simple projects while watching the Mythbusters blow up things on television.

The Morning After

As mia_mcdavid wrote, we are OK.

The bus I take to work had not been using the 35W Bridge across the Mississippi, so I was able to ride it to work downtown as I have been doing. It was slower than it had been: There was a lot more traffic on Central Avenue and the 3rd Ave. bridge than before, as you might expect with one of the other major bridges gone. Looking out the bus window I could see the cars were bumper-to-bumper. I could only see one with more than a single occupant. Sigh….

A few yards away from my cubicle here I can look out the window and see the broken bridge in the distance.

Some Cleanup

I cleaned out (somewhat) my briefcase last night. I had been carrying around way too much stuff, so much that I dared not open it on the bus. Long, long ago, in a metro far away, I counted on public transit as an opportunity for reading and study. I had lost that. So I took out most of the accumulated notes from a year of Irish classes, and pared those down to what I actually had been using–there is something of an 80/20 rule here. One pocket Irish dictionary and the smallest of my Irish grammar books should suffice for study while commuting. One other book, if I want to read something else.

After that I cleared some space on my desk downstairs. It can hardly be called “clean”, but I have plenty of space on it now. It was my father’s desk, and it is certainly cleaner than I ever remember it being in his life.

Who put the sign outside my cubicle?

…the one that says “Office Hours: 4-5 PM”

I can’t see it, but apparently everybody else in the office can. In the late afternoon I get a parade of visitors coming by to ask technical questions. They are very nice, and the questions are intelligent, but I wish some of them would come earlier in the day. I don’t want to miss my bus home!