Commuting variation

My usual commuting routine is to drive (or bicycle) 3 miles to the park-and-ride at Rosedale mall, and then take the #260 bus to downtown Minneapolis.

However, tonight mia_mcdavid‘s mother is taking us out to dinner, and they will be picking me up downtown after work. This is fine, but ordinarily would require an after-dinner stop at Rosedale to recover the other vehicle.

So I decided to walk 1/2 mile east to Rice street, catch the #62 bus to downtown St. Paul, then change to #94 express bus over to downtown Minneapolis.

I had a few bad minutes at the Rice st. bus stop when the bus I was expecting never showed, with the next one not due for over 1/2 hour. At first I thought this was a Metrotransit screwup, but I now think it was a Glenn McDavid screwup: I had not read the fine print on the #62’s schedule.

Fortunately, another bus going into St. Paul showed up in a few minutes. This was a #262 express bus. I will have to keep this in mind for the future. After that my change to a #94D to downtown Minneapolis went according to plan. It took about 1/2 hour longer than my Rosedale route, but extra bus time is not a dead loss. I can read, or use my Blackberry or my Nokia 770.

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