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The New York Times answers its own question!

‘The Interview’ Brings In $15 Million on Web

LOS ANGELES — “The Interview” generated roughly $15 million in online sales and rentals during its first four days of availability, Sony Pictures said on Sunday.

Sony did not say how much of that total represented $6 digital rentals versus $15 sales. The studio said there were about two million transactions over all.

So the answer to the 2012 opinion piece
Is Algebra Necessary? is YES!

From Dan Meyer,

Political Seismology

Eric Cantor’s Loss Was Like an Earthquake

Everybody is talking how it was big and far-reaching surprise, but here Nate Silver has something more subtle in mind: The statistics of Republican primary results look a lot like those of earthquakes, and he presents the graphs to show it. Major primary upsets, like serious earthquakes, are rare but they do happen. Furthermore, they are fundamentally random and unpredictable.

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